John Lewis Partnership Card Issues

Does anyone else have a JL credit card that has problems with its rejection all the time? Mine has been rejected 7 or 8 times in the last 2 months, but there has never been any actual fraudulent activity. The first time was when a recurring payment of 79p was blocked for online storage, as they seemed to think – after allowing it for 6 months – that it was a scam. I had various explanations – sometimes they blame the merchant`s website (which was once JL`s website) or “There are a lot of fraudulent transactions at New Look” and – my favorite – “there`s a lot of fraud right now” whenever I have to call them to unlock my card. Although I told them I was buying a new kitchen and they “allowed” me to pay the deposit before Christmas to a local cooking company, then when I tried to buy a dryer a few weeks later, they blocked my card again, and today is when I tried to buy clothes online for my DD. Just like I do regularly. I know it`s in my best interest for them to be aware of the scams, but on average it`s now blocked once a week Anyone else with one of those cards that have similar problems? Or do they make me stand out for some reason??? A week ago, John Lewis introduced a new online system for their credit card and because various aspects of the system were not working. I sent them a message because there was something I didn`t understand that wasn`t covered in the FAQ. 4 days later, there is no response and this morning their messaging system failed… maybe because of the amount of questions. The new system does not display the details it showed earlier. You can`t see any transaction data, just the date applied to the account and. Read the full review Had taken £500 on the card as a deposit for a car rental company. The car was returned Ok and the deposit should have been refunded.

The car company claims that this was the case. Almost 2 months later, still no trace of it. After 1 month, fill out an application form and send it to JLFS. Called today after not hearing anything for 4 weeks. Now said, I have to provide proof that the car company promised to refund the deposit! What kind of evidence and why? Needless to say, my spending over £5000 a month will go elsewhere from now on. Read the full review Since I purchased this card, I have not been able to create an online account with it. I followed everything, the individual instructions so far nothing works. I asked to send a new password and nothing happened. The whole experience is just boring. I think I`m going to have to stay with my Lloyds Bank credit card. Read the full Yup review, we have this problem and it drives us crazy.

In our case, I`m not sure it`s because we don`t use it often, but when we do, it`s a relatively large amount. But for this we use credit cards and not for everyday use, so it is not uncommon for our spending model, so it is annoying that they do not understand this. I never had any problems until December of last year, the rejection of my 79p online storage payment seems to have triggered some kind of Armageddon in my account. I wonder if they are just trying to get rid of me? I pay my card in full every month so they don`t get a penny of interest from me. After being a satisfied customer for many years, I now find the level of service completely unacceptable. 12 days ago, when I tried to pay for my purchases in Waitrose, I discovered that my card had been blocked for no apparent reason. I called customer service, who confirmed that the account had been suspended, but I didn`t want to give myself any information about the reasons and said I just had to wait for a call from the investigation department. I asked to speak to someone from the department and was told that she only.

Read the full review I am in the same position. My card was blocked 15 days ago. It`s very frustrating to not be able to do anything about it and to be told to wait for a call that never comes. I applied for and received a John Lewis Partnership Credit Card in November, I also filled out a direct debit form. I received a statement in December, since I had not heard of direct debit, I called her to check if it had been put in place. It hadn`t been set up and there was no history of it, so I paid the unpaid amount. The operator I spoke to told me they could set up a direct debit for me, so I gave them my details. I just received another statement for this month, I checked. Read the full review I`ve had for years and never had a problem. The only time my card was rejected was when the chip went to step 3 – Select your card and click “Activate Card”: was rated 2.3 out of 5.

A total of 49 votes were cast and 106 users reviewed the website. The diagram above shows the service status activity for in the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar indicates the response time, which is better if it is smaller. If no bar is displayed for a while, it means that the service was down and the website was offline. Statements are sent much later than the payment date, so you will inevitably pay interest and late payment fees. Payments for previous transactions that have already been paid will be charged to you and late fees and interest will be charged again. Almost impossible to reach someone by phone. Absolutely disappointed with this service. I will cancel my card service.

Read the full review I have been a customer for many years and I maintain my account perfectly. My current card expires at the end of this month, but I can`t buy anything with it – retailers don`t accept it and no new cards have arrived. I can`t put anyone on the customer hotline after trying for almost a whole day and overnight. To limit everything, the card has now been blocked. I booked a vacation next week and plan to pay by card. I now need to arrange the transfer of funds on my visa. Read the full review Customers gave it a score of 76% – well above average – but the card did not meet the criteria established in our product analysis by what? Status of the recommended provider. Same thing here, my card has now been blocked twice for no reason in the last 2 weeks and is still blocked, the online reaction is almost non-existent.

My wife`s account is also locked, again without notification, at least send an automated message to say it is blocked, None regardless of fidel1ne. I just spoke to the JL card security service. Today`s story is “a flag has been placed on your account in the last few days.” “Mastercard has opened an investigation against one of the merchants you use” because “your card details may have been compromised.” “We should call you yesterday or today to let you know.” It looked like he was reading a script. So they cancelled my card and sent a new one in the mail and gave me 200 points to compensate for the fact that I couldn`t buy what I wanted to buy yesterday. Looking at my phone recordings, I called them on average once a week over the past 6 weeks to fix the issues. So I`m not sure I believe this last excuse. I have exactly the same problem that my card was blocked for 14 days. I have called John Lewis Finance only 3 times to say that I will receive a call when they have completed their investigation Step 2 – Select “Activate Card” from the “Manage My Account” drop-down menu: John Lewis Financial Services Limited, which issues and manages the Partnership Card, is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service. For more information on the Financial Mediation Service, please visit A copy of our internal complaint handling procedures and details of the financial mediation system may be requested upon request.

Similarly fidel1ne, no other cc card company seems to have a problem with the way we use the cards. I don`t know what JL really plays with. Fraud prevention is great, but if we can never buy anything, it certainly defeats its main purpose. and I received this card months ago because of an ad I received via email offering £10 worth of John Lewis vouchers to use. Never receive vouchers and there is no option other than a premium rate number to contact them! Nothing to ask on the site! Not recommended. Read the full review We tried to ping John Lewis` website with our server, and the website returned the above results. If is down for us too, there`s nothing you can do but wait. Most likely, the server is overloaded, down, or inaccessible due to a network issue, outage, or ongoing website maintenance. .